Shopping in Naples Italy

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Shopping & Markets



In this particular Napolitan laboratory, four brothers, one-time artisans but now successful artists, create cribs and other artistic creations that have become famous all over the world. ( Via dei Tribunali 50)


Considered one of the leaders of the terracotta (earthenware) artistry in Napoli and the world, Ferrigno displays and offers for sale classical cribs inspired by the artwork of the Seventeenth century. (Via San Gregorio Armeno 8)


A very suggestive courtyard autonomously managed by young emergent artists in Napoli. They put on view here their creations: paintings, photographs--innovative and surprising. (Via Nilo 34)


This gallery of art is run by young Napolitan youth who frequently host live events and concerts. (Piazza Bellini 59)

Clothing, design & co.


This is without a doubt a trendy place to shop and here you will not be disappointed. Clothing and accessories in fashion, antique articles and musical instruments are on view. (San Sebastiano 20)


Radical chic and underground clothing and accessories in a boutique in Napoli that has become famous during the thirty years it has been in existence. (Via Benedetto Croce 34)


This gallery of design with the products of famous international brands such as Kartell, Marimekko and Foscarini and other original furniture, also hosts the collections of Napolitan designers. (Interna dell’Olio 5b)


Natural and artisan soaps, essences of various oils, scrub for one's body, and moisturing creams make this boutique a very elegant and particular place to stop during your shopping splurges. (Via San Domenico Maggiore 3)

Local street Markets


In this local street market dedicated to Napoli's well to do, you are fortunate enough to find scarves and design clothing at reasonable prices. There are also articles for the home, materials, and quality make-up products. And while you are here, do not forget to visit the breathtaking Golfo (Gulf) of Napoli and Pozzuoli where you can enjoy the Parco Virgiliano (Virgilian Park). (Daily 7.00-13.00)


Situated in the same area that has the same name as its neighborhood, this local street market is the most popular and visited market in the city. Here you will find everything from clothing to footwear to articles for the home and at very advantageous prices. (Every Friday, Saturday and Sunday 6.00-14.00)


The tangle of narrow streets that go from Montesanto to Toledo hosts many shops and mobile shops of the Pignasecca market—one of the oldest in the city where you can buy alimentary products, fruit and fish, but, above all, you can breathe in the true spirit of Napoli. (Monday-Sunday: 9.00-14.00)


You will find Antignano in the neighborhood of Vomero, an area with many shops where you can enjoy shopping. You will find a little bit of everything here and at really bargain prices. (Mondays-Saturdays: 7.00-13.30)


  • The Doll Hospital of Napoli

    A magical world, where very wise artisans bring back to life old or used dolls employing a tradition that has come down to them throughout the ages.

  • Pharmacy of the Incurable

    Reopened to the public in 2012 after a lengthily restoration, this historical pharmacy was inaugurated in 1700 next to the Ospedale degli Incurabili (Hospital of the Incurable). It was named so as a result of the black plague epidemic which infected the city in 1500.

  • Museum of the  Tresaures of Saint Gennaro

    Seven centuries of donations have given the Museo del Tesoro di San Gennaro (Museum of the Treasures of Saint Gennaro) one of the richest and most particular collections in the world.

  • Teatro Romano di Neapolis

    Imagine digging in your cellar and finding the remains of an ancient Roman theatre!

  • Cemetery of the Drinking Fountains

    Absolutely one of the places in Napoli considered the most fascinating and, at the same time, disturbing.

  • Purgatory at Arco

    Connected to the Cimitero delle Fontanelle is the Complesso Museale Di Santa Maria delle Anime del Purgatorio ad Arco, a site which is unique in the world.

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