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What to do in Naples Italy

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Tour & Itineraries

Itineraries in the historical centre of napoli

NAPOLI UNDERGROUND: In the subsurface of Napoli, forty metres deep, there arises another intersting facet of the city—Napoli Underground. Here you will discover a hidden universe that includes staggering archeological finds that date back 2,400 years! The itinerary of Napoli Underground will allow you to come across an ancient Roman theatre recently unearthed and many other underground marvels including the cave from which was extracted the tuff employed to construct the Neapolis, the Roman waterworks and galleries, the Bourbon tunnel, and the remains of anti-aircraft weapons used during World War II.

SAN GREGORIO ARMENO: A must visit is San Gregorio Armeno. This is the most famous street of Christman cribs known throughout the world. The age-old art of Napolitan crib-making is here on display. Observe the exquisitely refined paintings by hand and the extraordinary sceneries that strike you as being real. Take home a souvenir of an entire crib or a single figurine. There are not only shepherds and Orient Kings on display, there are also amusing and particular figures pertianing to politics and theatre which might enrich your own crib giving it a touch of originality.

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Time and history seem to be in the pause position at Pompei and Herculaneum. The two places are submerged in the Vesuvian lava of 79 AD. The remants of that time are preserved for us and testify in a most impressionable way to the poignancy that was life during the Roman epoch. Walk along the streets, take in the piazzas, the narrow streets, and enter the homes and shops of the Romans! These rare archeological sites offer you an incomparable experience that you will not find anywhere else in the world.


The breathtaking panoramas upon the Golfo (Gulf) di Napoli, the intense fragrances of the Mediterranean thickets and the citrus trees and the brilliant colours of the fishing villages that stand out precipitously upon the sea have made the Sorrentina Peninsula and the Amalfitana Coast one of the most sought-after posts travellers flock to. The long road along the coast will bring you to the discovery of the world famous centres of Sorrento, Amalfi and Positano with their stupendous beaches and renowned local cuisine. (Autostrada A1 – Exit Castellammare)


Capri, a VIP resort with cafes which are the haunts of intellectuals and the extravagant villas of well-known personalities make Capri one of the most must-visit popular holiday spots. Ischia, the green island of the Sweet Life, with its spas and fashionable restaurants. Procida, undomesticated and reserved. Three islands that are totally diverse, three pearls of the Gulf of Napoli—the three offering the possibility of having a holiday and visiting the stunning waters of the Gulf of Napoli, so crystal clear. (Porto – Molo Beverello)


For the lovers of nature and history we recommend an excursion to the Flegrei Fields. This is a volcanic zone that extends from Posillipo all the way to the ancient Greek city of Cuma. Tuff, pomice, and boiling craters mould the earth of this incredible territory which reminds one of the lunar surface, growing luxuriantly, yet always very rich with the remains and vestiges of an ancient locale where wealthy Romans passed their holidays. (Take Napoli bypass in the direction of Pozzuoli)

Visiting Napoli and its outskirts in a few days is not an easy task. With this in mind the Hotel Piazza Bellini has especially thought up for its guests some truly unique ideas so that you can organize tours and itineraries both on a do-it-yourself basis or with professional guided tours.

Our suggestions include tours in the city and those which are dedicated to the surrounding areas.

Personalized tours are created with your needs and likes in mind. We are very efficient in organizing these trips, and we are very attentive wanting always to have you use your holiday time competently and enjoyably.


  • The Doll Hospital of Napoli

    A magical world, where very wise artisans bring back to life old or used dolls employing a tradition that has come down to them throughout the ages.

  • Pharmacy of the Incurable

    Reopened to the public in 2012 after a lengthily restoration, this historical pharmacy was inaugurated in 1700 next to the Ospedale degli Incurabili (Hospital of the Incurable). It was named so as a result of the black plague epidemic which infected the city in 1500.

  • Museum of the  Tresaures of Saint Gennaro

    Seven centuries of donations have given the Museo del Tesoro di San Gennaro (Museum of the Treasures of Saint Gennaro) one of the richest and most particular collections in the world.

  • Teatro Romano di Neapolis

    Imagine digging in your cellar and finding the remains of an ancient Roman theatre!

  • Cemetery of the Drinking Fountains

    Absolutely one of the places in Napoli considered the most fascinating and, at the same time, disturbing.

  • Purgatory at Arco

    Connected to the Cimitero delle Fontanelle is the Complesso Museale Di Santa Maria delle Anime del Purgatorio ad Arco, a site which is unique in the world.

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