Faq | Hotel Piazza Bellini Napoli

Hotel Piazza Bellini

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  • A surpise gift in the room

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When is check-in and check-out?

Check-in begins at 13:30; check-out by 11:00. If you so desire, the day of your check-out you can leave your baggage/luggage at our front desk where it will be secure leaving you free to visit the city.

What credit cards do you accept?


What are your cancellation terms?

  • Refundable Bookings: You are permitted to cancel by 72 hours from the date of arrival. Cancellations not made before 48 hours will be penalized the first night stay.
  • Not Refundable: If a cancellation is not effectuated a penalty of 100% of the booking will be levied.

Offers and packages are subject to the same cancellation terms sited above. We kindly ask you to please always verify the terms and conditions when you are booking on our booking website.

For group bookings the terms of cancellation are altered and will be arranged with the hotel at the booking time via email.

Do you offer Wi-Fi Connection?

Our Wi-Fi connection is swift, dependable and without charge. You can navigate in the common areas, in the comfort of your room, or at one of our three Internet points established for our guests.

Is there parking?

We are located in a LIMITED TRAVEL ZONE ZTL, therefore if you wish to arrive at our hotel by auto, you must possess a travel pass. If you contact us before your arrival date, we will arrange for you to have the proper documents that will allow you to enter the ZTL. 600 metres from our hotel you will find public safely-guarded parking at a cost of €25.00-€30.00 per day.

Do you organize tours and excursions?

We are conventioned with a professional tourist agency in Napoli that is available to bring you places where you can discover not only Napoli, but its environs. If you wish to organize a do-it-yourself tour, we will be happy to offer you our best advice and information that will make your visit satisfying and memorable. Discover more here

Do you offer a non-gluten menu?

Yes, we do. Please contact our staff for further information about products that do not possess gluten.

Do you offer half pensions?

Our hotel is conventioned with the L'Etto restaurant that offers meat and fish per kilogram. Take advantage of our 10% discount for every kilogram consumed.


  • The Doll Hospital of Napoli

    A magical world, where very wise artisans bring back to life old or used dolls employing a tradition that has come down to them throughout the ages.

  • Pharmacy of the Incurable

    Reopened to the public in 2012 after a lengthily restoration, this historical pharmacy was inaugurated in 1700 next to the Ospedale degli Incurabili (Hospital of the Incurable). It was named so as a result of the black plague epidemic which infected the city in 1500.

  • Museum of the  Tresaures of Saint Gennaro

    Seven centuries of donations have given the Museo del Tesoro di San Gennaro (Museum of the Treasures of Saint Gennaro) one of the richest and most particular collections in the world.

  • Teatro Romano di Neapolis

    Imagine digging in your cellar and finding the remains of an ancient Roman theatre!

  • Cemetery of the Drinking Fountains

    Absolutely one of the places in Napoli considered the most fascinating and, at the same time, disturbing.

  • Purgatory at Arco

    Connected to the Cimitero delle Fontanelle is the Complesso Museale Di Santa Maria delle Anime del Purgatorio ad Arco, a site which is unique in the world.

Gorgeous, funky boutique hotel, friendly staff and a balcony with panoramic views to die for! Porkchopalop, UK – TripAdvisor

Wow, what a hotel! It gave us those perfect little things and I like very much the character of the hotel with its adorable designs. It has been a joy to sojourn here and surely this place did its part to render unforgettable my holiday in Napoli. Saeed, London - Booking.com

Very airy, serene and light filled. Great bathroom, great space, great bed including linens etc. Extremely clean. Modern and playful this place was like a sanctuary after a crazy hectic day in Napoli. Michael-and-Jose, Los Angeles - TripAdvisor

The real star of the show was my bedroom. Spacious, tastefully decorated, fully-equipped, with a gigantic bathroom and a terrace with a gorgeous view of the mountains! Zeva B, paris - Yelp.com

The hotel is extremely centrally located making everything really easy to walk or take cabs to. Michael-and-Jose, Los Angeles - TripAdvisor

The whole experience was top-notch from start to finish without a single glitch along the way. The staff was friendly, accommodating and spoke perfect English. Check-in and check-out were super fast and the booking process was a cinch too. Zeva B, Paris - Yelp.com